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Birthdate:May 28
Location:(states/regions/territories), Canada
A Brief Overview

* for most of the year I have no free time. Almost literally. But does that stop me? Not really - just delays things once in awhile.

* I tend to get obsessive over things, and unfortunately the internet has facilitated that flaw a little too much. In that vein, I curse (and praise) the day I discovered fanfiction.

* Friend me, by all means. Of course dropping me a line to let me know would be great. I don't generally friend back unless I get emailed/messaged - because hey, I don't always notice either, and maybe you're here just to see if I post fic. But one note: This journal is adult material friendly. Very friendly in fact. Or, you know, maybe that's just me.

* I love recs, whether it be fic, websites, groups, music...what have you.

* Currently all my writing is in the Harry Potter fandom, but I would like the branch out. Although, somehow I don't think I've British colloqualisms down enough to tackle Doctor Who (although I fumbled my way through one). And I'd have to get into constant snark mode to write VM.

* Age statement for various things - very definitely over 18

My Role-Playing Activities

Although I never thought I'd be saying this, I joined an RPG late last year - the amazing [info]stoatshead_hill, and play played Katie Bell and Vincent Crabbe.


[info]7spells HP Fanfiction Challenge
Author: [info]idea_of_sarcasm
Character/Pairing: Katie Bell
1. History Repeats Itself
2. The effect of impact on stationary objects
3. copy prompt here
4. copy prompt here
5. copy prompt here
6. copy prompt here
7. copy prompt here
Progress: 1/7

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