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Fic: History Is A Symphony Of Echoes (Padma/Terry)

Title: History Is A Symphony of Echoes
Author: [ profile] idea_of_sarcasm
Rating: PG-14
Pairing: Padma/Terry
Summary: Stories from the past can bring families, and couples, closer together
Authors Notes: Originally written for [ profile] thimble_kiss in the 2010 [ profile] wizard_love exchange. Who knew, Ravenclaws are fun to write :) For my all too generalized (fictional) history, I apologize.

History Is A Symphony Of Echoes


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Lovely story!
I liked Padma's POV and her insecurities about her "selfishness". Terry was really good too.
My favourite part was the History you invented about Wizarding India in the early 20th century. JKR's world seems so England-centred...
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Thank you! It is a shame that JKR's world is so England-centric. However given only 7 books, that were only allowed to be Harry-centric, and about his school year - it's understandable. Too bad though, it would have been fun to have more of the wizarding world explored.

However, hopefully more fanfic will go that route :)

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This was a gift of such awesomeness! Thank you, again, for putting so much work and thought into this, your efforts made a terrific story. ♥ One thing I forgot to mention to you was that I really liked Padma's and Parvati's relationship in this, with their sisterly talk and all their big basic differences and how they clearly care about each other anyway. It must be a strange thing when you think of it, being so similar on the outside and yet so different on the inside that they end up in different Hogwarts houses. It's a major clue to their characterisation, I think.

You should post this at [ profile] clever_claws, by the way! :) (ETA: And now I see that you already did, so just disregard my superfluous advice. *g*)
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I'm still so very very glad you liked it :) I was happy to get you as my recipient, except it made me want to go all out, lol. Though, I do still wish I could have pulled out an in depth epic! Oh wait, maybe it's just me who likes those....

Though I think this is starting to more and more disprove my claim I can write short fluff for a fest.

It is an interesting point about Parvati and Padma, being so different while being so identical. Hopefully at some point in the future I can read about somebody doing it more justice than the few paragraphs I gave it here :) It's one thing I will give JK Rowling real credit for, because it is so interesting, even if so minor in the books.