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2009: Writing Round-Up

A year in fanfiction summary. I think I managed to write even less than last year, which says something. Though, looking it over, I think the total word count may be reasonably equivalent.

At least this year I managed one fic that wasn't for a person or exchange, ha.

The Secret (Blaise/Hermione> for [ profile] kendas in the prompts I never finished.

It's a Nice Day For a (Weasley) Wedding (Katie/Charlie) for [ profile] da_angel729 in [ profile] wizard_love

Somebody To Lean On (Dean/Seamus) for [ profile] neversleeps in [ profile] hp_springsmut

Things Unsaid (gen; side Spock/Uhura)

A Different Form of Kindness (Katie/Marcus; R) for [ profile] lady_green_bat in the [ profile] hp_rarities exchange.

The Right Path Might Be the One Previously Travelled (Christine Chapel, gen) for [ profile] femgenfication

"Ripples in the Wake" for [ profile] roses_at_sunset in [ profile] smutty_claus which will be posted as soon as I have a chance to edit a few things. In which I forget, yet again, that fic exchanges are not about writing an epic one-parter.

*for my own reference there are also a few fic (anonymous) kink meme responses, which were anonymous for a reason :) , a drabble prompt fulfilled on [ profile] where_no_woman and a [ profile] yuletide fic that I'm not even owning up to writing. There is also a partially started [ profile] hermionebigbang fic which I would like to finish at some point.

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