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Fic: Ripples In The Wake (Katie/Oliver; adult)

Title: Ripples In The Wake
Author: [ profile] idea_of_sarcasm
Pairing(s): Katie/Oliver
Summary: In the aftermath of the war, 'pureblood' doesn't mean quite what it did in the past.
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Author/Artist's notes: Originally written for the 2009 [ profile] smutty_claus exchange.

Ripples In The Wake

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I really enjoyed this! Oliver/Katie is one of my favorite rare pairs so this was a lot of fun to read. I really loved your characterization of Oliver, I thought he fit in very well with the small glimpses we got of him in canon. And Quidditch really worked as a way to showcase Katie's life. Thanks for writing this.
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Thank you, both for reading and commenting! I'm sorry I didn't see this before. I'm so very glad that Oliver worked for you, since it was my first time writing him - and I found it surprisingly hard.

I like the two of them as a pairing as well. At least sometimes :) I wish there were more fics out there!

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