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2009: Writing Round-Up

A year in fanfiction summary. I think I managed to write even less than last year, which says something. Though, looking it over, I think the total word count may be reasonably equivalent.

At least this year I managed one fic that wasn't for a person or exchange, ha.

The Secret (Blaise/Hermione> for [ profile] kendas in the prompts I never finished.

It's a Nice Day For a (Weasley) Wedding (Katie/Charlie) for [ profile] da_angel729 in [ profile] wizard_love

Somebody To Lean On (Dean/Seamus) for [ profile] neversleeps in [ profile] hp_springsmut

Things Unsaid (gen; side Spock/Uhura)

A Different Form of Kindness (Katie/Marcus; R) for [ profile] lady_green_bat in the [ profile] hp_rarities exchange.

The Right Path Might Be the One Previously Travelled (Christine Chapel, gen) for [ profile] femgenfication

"Ripples in the Wake" for [ profile] roses_at_sunset in [ profile] smutty_claus which will be posted as soon as I have a chance to edit a few things. In which I forget, yet again, that fic exchanges are not about writing an epic one-parter.

*for my own reference there are also a few fic (anonymous) kink meme responses, which were anonymous for a reason :) , a drabble prompt fulfilled on [ profile] where_no_woman and a [ profile] yuletide fic that I'm not even owning up to writing. There is also a partially started [ profile] hermionebigbang fic which I would like to finish at some point.

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And "Ripples in the Wake" is of course one of the two long s_c fics that I told you have been open in tabs for a week. :P I can't manage 45,000 words right now, but let me get these two fest fics done, and I will! (I did peek at the first scene and got a fairly strong notion that it might be you, haha. Although I also wondered if yours might be the Oliver/Hermione which is the fic open in the other tab and which I haven't peeked at yet!)

And hey, you wrote lots, from my point of view. I'm not doing a year in review, because, you know, two whole fics... nah. *grins*
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I'm not going to be offended by anybody who can't get through that epic fest fic of doom :) Good to know I'm so repititious in my writing though, lol. Next exchange I'm going to have to shake it up entirely!

Well, next year you'll have many more than two fics, at the rate you keep signing up for exchanges *snickers*.

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Hah, I think there were at least six people who had guessed that my story was mine, and two of them aren't even at [ profile] waking_pandora, so I'm hardly one to be talking about 'repetitious'. :P

Anyway, I don't think it's repetitiousness so much as 'tells' in the writing style, and all of us have them, but it's soooooo much easier to see others' than one's own. I for one have NO idea what it is that makes some people so sure that I am me. *g*

And I'm totally going to read your story. You'll see. I intend to get my Charlieficathon in by Sunday night, then I'll have a week to write wizard_love, and after that I will have a life again. :P You're right, though, I may be able to assemble a small "Fic year in review" list next year, haha!
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What makes people sure 'you are you'? High quality ;) ha. *flatters*. It is amazing how easy it is to tell with other people though, rather than yourself. I have to say though while I could tell this time easily which one was yours, for [ profile] hp_rarities I wasn't sure.

As long as the telling points are styles though, it's all good. I just always worry it's repititious plot and dialogue, because I would really hate to fall into that trap.

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45000 words? Is this the one you put off the standalone you were writing for and drove yourself insane over? Because if it is, you're crazy! 45000 words! OMG.

I really shouldn't be surprised. It is you after all. :-p
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Closer to 48,500 actually, ha. Yeah, it's the one I started...then scrapped...then started again. It was actually written nearly entirely in a three week period when I was pretty much already past the deadline. I think I need to remember what the point of fests are :)

And, me, verbose and sometimes run-on/stream of consciousness? Never :-P