idea_of_sarcasm: (seamus - lucky charms)
idea_of_sarcasm ([personal profile] idea_of_sarcasm) wrote2009-04-11 12:25 am

Fic: Somebody to Lean On (Dean/Seamus) *Adult*

Title: Somebody to Lean On
Author: [ profile] idea_of_sarcasm
Pairing: Dean/Seamus, with an extended Gryffindor supporting cast
Rating: R
Summary: Things can never return to normal that easily, and you should never have to face your problems alone.
Authors Note: Originally written for the 2009 [ profile] hp_springsmut exchange for [ profile] neversleeps. I think my recipient is still probably poring through the piece going 'so where exactly is the smut?' It turned more into a character piece, for all of them. Perhaps it's another sign I should not be assigned slash in supposedly 'porn' fests.

Somebody To Lean On


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