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Fic: It's a Nice Day for a (Weasley) Wedding *Adult* (Charlie/Katie)

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Title: It's a Nice Day for a (Weasley) Wedding
Author: [ profile] idea_of_sarcasm
Pairing: Charlie/Katie (Angelina/George, a variety of side pairings)
Summary: Angelina and George are getting married. Nobody said it was going to run smooth, and nobody said they were going to be the only ones getting together.
Rating: R
Warnings: Mild sexual activity and language
Word Count: ~21,000
Author's notes: Originally written for the 2009 [ profile] wizard_loveexchange.

It's a Nice Day for (Weasley) Wedding

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What a fun story!

I love the banter and interaction between all of the characters and that bit with Percy at the reception was perfect.
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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've come to admit I had more fun with the 'ensemble' part of it all even more so than the more specific pairing of the story, ha. I've very glad their dynamics worked for you :)

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I originally wasn't going to read this since I'm a hardcore Marcus/Katie 'shipper, but then I recognised your username (ironically from Across The Divide, which is my all time favourite Harry Potter fic. For serious.), and I couldn't resist. I'm so glad I did. :D

I absolutely loooove your Charlie. His comment about the cigar had me snorting so hard - which is not a pleasant feeling while drinking coke. I love the banter between them while they were setting up the chairs, it felt very natural and not at all forced. Very hot smut and I really liked that it wasn't just a one time thing but that they both wanted more. Oh, and Charlie's jealously towards Bill - I love a little jealousy with my men.

The smattering of other couples was great, I think I loved the hint at Audrey and Percy the most, opposites attract and all that, ha. The fic's I've read with them before have Audrey as a really snobby stand-offish person - basically the female version of Percy, so it was a welcome change. ;)

The relationship between the three girls was really touching, I loved the idea of them being a such close-knit group. You may have even converted me to an Angelina/George 'shipper. The absence of Fred was really sad.

Favourite line was without a doubt Her response was one born out of years of friendship that ensured she knew she could get away with the blunt nature of it. "Merlin Angelina, you look like absolute shite." :D

You have to write more Katie fics. And by "have" I mean please please please please. You've reduced me to begging. Oh, the shame.
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I wanted to say thank you for the lovely comment - both about this fic and about Across the Divide which was my baby for a long while there! I'm glad liking it was enough to draw you in here :)

What pleases me the most is that the girls dynamic worked for you - it was one of the things I liked best when writing it; women who manage to stay close and manage to stay friends despite love entering their lives, and everything else besides. It might be lame, but it's something I personally enjoy. As for Audrey and Percy, I can honestly say I've never actually read a fic with them - but with her characterization being entirely unknown I'm glad the way I wrote her worked (as it's now how I picture her, ha).

The one thing I can assure is that I will end up writing more Katie fics :) Even if I end up never being assigned her in a pairing for a fest again, I have a [ profile] 7spells table claimed for her I have been neglecting horribly.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting!
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[personal profile] the_rainbow_jen 2009-03-30 05:25 am (UTC)(link)
So.... what are the odds of getting a Percy/Audrey epilogue? Hehe.

I liked this a lot. Not terribly constructive, but it fits canon very well, and is fun, besides. It felt like it must have been fun to write, as well as read :)
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Ha, probably unlikely - but I do never say never. No matter how you say it, it means a lot that you did enjoy it :) (in many ways it was fun to write, at least once I figured what the heck to do with the damn fic!)

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