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Ficlet: The Secret (Blaise/Hermione *adult*)

So, remember back four months ago when I took prompts for Christmas drabbles/ficlets? Yeah, I know, just awhile ago. Still, I felt bad about only writing fic for the one from [ profile] drcjsnider since writing fell by the wayside when I started to get too busy, so over time I would like to finish the others. Since, uh, most of the prompts were holiday related I'm going to amend them as I can (or, choose random prompts as needed I suppose).

Title: The Secret
Author: [ profile] idea_of_sarcasm
Pairing: Blaise/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Secret Santa by [ profile] kendas
Author's notes: Heh, only ~850 words and it's more adult than the pieces I submitted for 'porn' exchanges. Really creative title, I am aware.

Hermione has a secret.

When it comes right down to it, Hermione actually has many secrets. Sometimes she feels like she's juggling them all at once, with so many balls in the air that she can't let one fall because then the whole rhythm will become disrupted, and the careful facade she has established will come crashing down around her. She has things she keeps from Ron, others from Harry, from Ginny, from her parents, from everybody and nobody in between. Certain people are allowed to know certain things, and sometimes it's like an ongoing mantra she has to recite in her head, trying to keep track of what aspect of her life and what secrets of others she is keeping from whom today.

Currently though, she is only focusing on one single secret. It's a little easier to remember because she keeps it from everybody - keeps him from everybody.


If it were anybody else, she might worry about how he feels in regards to being given only a little separate box in the organization that is her life. Still, if there is a demand that he won't make, that's it. Somehow she thinks his reasons for not broadcasting their involvement differ from hers, but the end result is the same. It's not that she's ashamed of him, it's not that it's sordid or illicit, but it's....something. Something that she's not used to, and something she doesn't understand. If she can't comprehend it, how is anybody else supposed to? Hermione is fairly sure they'll judge her for reasons beside his inscrutable personality; Slytherin is the first strike against him, the fact they don't have a relationship along the guidelines of what is normal for her is a strong second. Harry and Ron, they at least certainly won't need a third.

It's a fight she doesn't need or want - even less because she doesn't have the answers they'll be after.

"You're thinking," Blaise murmurs. His fingers are digging lightly into her hips, the knickers that covered them long since banished.

Her lips curve. "I thought that was one of the things you liked about me."

"Not when," his hands are gliding now, the tone of his skin a stark contrast to the pale of hers, "you're in bed with me. Not when," his hands are sliding under her now, urging her hips up, moving her legs apart, "I'm working so hard to distract you."

When his head lowers to her core, it's two sets of lips meeting. The kiss is more chaste than any he's ever placed to her mouth, but all the more erotic. His tongue darts out and flits against her clit, but she's already a boneless mess against the mattress. Her thoughts are jumbled, only focusing on the fact she wants him to go either faster, or simply slide up and fuck her because it's a desperate torture he's inflicting. Hermione is also fairly sure he realizes that, because it's something he specializes in. Her moans only seem to be an encouragement for him to back off, the touch of his mouth lighter now, teasing more around the edges than the contact she actually craves. She has to bite her tongue against cursing him out, and she can almost swear she feels a smirk against her skin as he kisses the inside of her thigh.

"Please," Hermione begs, she can't help it.

Sometimes she's fairly sure bringing that supplication is the thing that pleases him the most. She certainly knows when she can induce it in him, the sexual power is a giddy feeling she's never experienced before.

There's no hesitation as he moves up over her, the taste of her fresh on his lips as he brings his head down to kiss her, even as he slides into her with such force to urge her back. It doesn't repel her, though it might have once, her nails only leave half moon crescents on his shoulders as she tries to keep up and give herself an anchor because he's giving her no respite.

The speed of her orgasm surprises her with the ease, but it shoots through her like lightning as her teeth bite into her lip - her body a quivering and shaking mess, milking him out as he searches for his own.

His body is a welcome weight on hers as his arms buckle, their breaths mingling. It's these moments she relishes the most; when he's lost the control she's come to associate with him. It never lasts long, but it's enough. Like everything to do with him, it's all somehow just perfectly enough.

This won't stay a secret if it lasts. Still, for now somehow it makes it more hers, rather than something to be dissected and judged. It makes the experience something more owned, even if she's fairly sure she holds no ownership over him. She can feel ties that bind her to him, and Blaise to her in return, but it's only the wispy thread of an unidentified emotion neither of them has any experience with. It's not the kind of permanence that she thinks can withstand the outside world. Like this, she can take it as she will, take him as she will, and feel about it how she chooses.

Hermione might be very good at keeping secrets, but at least for the moment this is one that she's actually satisfied to keep.

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