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Writing Roundup

So the cold has progressed to hacking coughing fits of doom even if I'm feeling more perky. It does, however, mean I'm not leaving the house tonight when it's gone the -47 route as my overworked lungs cannot take it.


Fanfiction of 2008

There Are No Constants. Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four. Hermione/Fred. Rating: NC-17. Writting for [ profile] olivers_ace in the [ profile] hp_springsmut Exchange. Quite possibly the longest thing I've ever written for an anonymous wait, it definitely is. Another one I'm relatively pleased without how it turned out.

Unanswered. Hermione/Blaise. PG-13. Drabble for [ profile] inell

What Others See. Orla Quirke, Vincent Crabbe. Rating: PG-13. Drabble!fic for [ profile] the_rainbow_jen

A Step in the Right Direction. George, Katie. Rating: PG-13. Drabble!fic for [ profile] silverius408.

Forbidden Fruit Hermione/George. Rating: PG. Drabble for [ profile] heather111483

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It. Hermione/Fred. Rating: PG-13-R-ish. Drabble!fic for [ profile] drcjsnider. Another one of my...heh, ones.

Unequal and Opposite. Katie/Marcus. Rating: R. Written in the [ profile] hp_rarities exchange for [ profile] purelush

Discoveries Neville/Hannah. Rating: PG-13. Drabble!fic for [ profile] msmoocow

Out In The Open Dean/Seamus. Rating: NC-17. [ profile] hp_summersmut fic for [ profile] ozma_katiebell. Still one of my least favourite fanfics - I think it's just that not being a gay male myself I *really* struggle with slash.

The Very Thought of You Hermione/Charlie. Rating: R-ish. Birthday drabble!fic for [ profile] heather11483

Meeting the Parents Rose/Scorpius. Rating: All Ages. The only *cough* finished prompt drabble!fic of Dec. for [ profile] drcjsnider

[ profile] yuletide fanfiction in Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day which I'm not going post here this year though the link on the website is here. Last years [ profile] yuletide fic I never included in the wrap up is here (Blue Castle; Barney/Valancy). Apparently all I write is rather mindless fluff when I'm faced with rare fandoms.

aaaaannnnnd, last but not least:

Across the Divide Katie/Marcus. Rating: NC-17. Written for [ profile] kereia in the [ profile] smutty_claus exchange.

Maybe I should make a New Years Resolution: Write a piece of fanfiction that isn't *for* somebody in some way. It's a longer list than last year anyway - mostly because of the one set of short drabble!fics, ha.

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Guh, I still love that Katie/Marcus one. Wish it were Padma/Marcus, but hey!

And where have you been! I needs to chat with you!
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[identity profile] 2009-01-04 05:30 am (UTC)(link)
You and your (very pointed) one track mind :-P One of these days those two will get their turn to shine get written by me.

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I am so in love with "The Very Thought of You". (Wow, without those quotation marks, that sentence takes on a whole new meaning.) You write Charlie/Hermione so well, and I'm really hoping you'll be inspired to do more with them this year.

"There are no Constants" absolutely killed me and I loved your drabble!fics, especially "Forbidden Fruit" and "If It Ain't Broke". Yeah, I have a thing for those Weasley boys. :)
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Haha! I mean, not that I'm not awesome personally (ha!) ;) but even without the quotation marks I would assume you meant the fic. Thank you so much though, about all the fics - and I'm glad you enjoyed so many of them! It seems I've only written Hermione/Charlie for birthday!fics, lol - but I always mean to do more with them, and then never follow through.

Who doesn't have a thing for (most)Weasley boys? There's a reason they feature rather prominently in a good percentage of my fanfiction :)