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Christmas Fic: Meeting the Parents (Rose/Scorpius; All Ages)

Title: Meeting the Parents
Author: [ profile] idea_of_sarcasm
Rating: PG
Pairing: Rose/Scorpius
Prompt: White Christmas from [ profile] drcjsnider. Which is only used really loosely, heh. In that it's Christmas – and there is mention of snow. I do have a few more spots open for prompts should anybody be desperately looking for anything specific here

Rose wouldn't have thought it was possible to be nervous coming home to her parents.

They were her parents after all. Oh, her mum could be a little uptight, but her dad always talked her around. They were the parents who came to every Quidditch match, who'd made the fuss over her getting prefect when she thought she didn't have a shot, and who seemed to understand when everybody else's parents were clueless. When Stephen Perry had kissed her for the first time Rose had been able to talk to her mum about it, even before she'd been able to admit it to her mate Heather, and her dad had been the one to teach her how to knee a bloke right in the bollocks. She actually liked spending time with them, much to the amusement and consternation of her friends – and some of her relatives.

This Christmas though, it was different.

It was her last one before graduation, and the first one she wasn't coming home alone for. As the snowy scene outside the window of the train turned to the familiar sights of them closing in on London, Rose began to fidget nervously in her seat. Drumming her fingers on the windowsill, she turned to face the one secret she'd managed to keep from her parents until the owl she'd sent them a week ago asking permission for him to come over for the holidays.

"Relax," Scorpius said quietly in a voice that was for her ears alone, slinging an arm around her shoulders. Hugo and Albus were chatting animatedly in the seat across from them, and Lily was currently sucking the face off her current beau who would make a miraculous disappearance once King's Cross Station approached. Uncle Harry still nearly had a conniption every time the girl suggested she might be allowed to date. It had taken some effort for the group to acclimate themselves to Scorpius – and he was a Ravenclaw like her and Albus; she could only imagine what it would take for her parents to be so accepting.

He winked at her, ignoring the others sharing the carriage them. "Don't worry. When your dad avada's me at first sight I've left everything to you in my will."

The elbow into his side was light, but he affected a grimace all the same. "Wanker," she said with quiet affection. "He's not going to hurt you."

Still, she didn't think they were going to like him. Not because Scorpius was in any way objectionable as himself, but because they weren't going to give him a chance.

The story of Scorpius' father hadn't been related to her directly. That it itself was the most disconcerting. Her parents had always been up front with her, at least once she'd grown older and started asking the questions they couldn't avoid. As much as they all pretended they were nice and normal parents, they weren't, and had decided it was better to share their past with her so she would get the truth rather than the distorted 'history' available elsewhere. The part Malfoy had played in everything though had always been omitted and glossed over. What she did know came from back issues of the Daily Prophet, and from Scorpius who did know his own father's version of events.

It was all obvious why her father clenched his fists every time he saw Scorpius' father at the train station, and never talked to the family directly.

Hugo grinned across the train cabin at the two of them suddenly. "Can I get your new broom when Dad crucio's you into paralysis?"

"I claim his book collection," Albus picked up on the thread.

Lily had detached herself from the nameless Slytherin and chimed in too. "Oh please. Uncle Ron will just hex Scorpius' bollocks off when he thinks about him defiling his precious little girl."

"Please," Hugo huffed, "I managed to break the charm on her diary over the summer. Jonathan Padfoot had the honour of doing that two years ago."

Angry and annoyed, Rose pulled out her wand – waving it and casting a furnuncular on her younger brother. Immediately his body was covered in boils on every available surface of skin. Scorpius snickered beside her, used to the effects of her famous temper – and Albus inched away from his cousin carefully.

"Oi!" Hugo said indignantly, hopping to his feet and rubbing his hand over his skin, as if he thought it would make a difference. "You can't…."

"I did," Rose said angrily, "besides, I’m the bloody head girl – who's going to challenge me?" When Albus mouth curved upwards she turned her wand towards him "And if you make one bad pun about that title, I swear to Merlin I'll…." She didn't even have to complete the threat before his mouth closed abruptly. As Hugo began to get even more crazed over the boils, Rose took pity on him – even if it was both amusing and cathartic. A finite incantatum ended the spell, and her brother glared daggers at her as he flopped back down in his seat.

They left her and Scorpius alone after that however.

"This isn't the issue you are making it out to be," Scorpius told her carefully. "We're not star-crossed lovers, and not just because you haven't let me in your knickers yet. What's the worst that can happen? They refuse to talk to me for the entire time I'm over at your house, and we have the most awkward Christmas in my short history of Christmases."

Rose knew it wasn't easy for him sometimes, being viewed only as a product of his father and not as a person onto himself. Not that Scorpius was a little angel, but then again neither was she. His father wasn't the devil incarnate either. Obviously she didn't know all the details, but it was obvious Mr. Malfoy had reformed generally – and he and Scorpius' mother had been perfectly civil when they had all met up for tea one Hogsmeade weekend the month before.

He didn't get it either. How important it was to her that her parents like him, or at the very least accept him.

As the train started to slow, pulling into the station, Rose's forehead was crinkled. "I apologize ahead of time for everything that can and will go wrong this week."

Normally he eschewed sentiment when others were around, but he reached up to brush her hair back from her face once he ensured the others weren't paying them any attention. "Rose," his voice was firm, "stop. I'm a big boy you know, I don't have to be adored by everybody." He tacked on a wink, "Just the female subset of the population."

Though that normally would have earned him a physical response, or a certain amount of bickering, Rose ignored it. "Just don't be…."

"Myself?" Scorpius asked with his eyebrows raised in amusement.

Her tone was cross. "You know what I mean. Try to limit the sarcasm. Do not refer to Hugo as the 'Weasley spawn' as you like to do. Don't intimate Lily's a slag. Maybe don't bring up your parents…."

"They are my parents," Scorpius said quietly, "I can't change that."

Before she could go on another litany of common decency, he cut her off. "Please, relax. I am not going to strip naked and dance on the table, or compare your mum's hair to a wild bush, nor am I going to go into detail over every dirty thing we've done in the Quidditch locker room."

She flushed slightly, "I didn't think…"

"You did," he snorted.

It wasn't that she did exactly, she just wanted everything to go perfectly – or at least as well as things could. Sighing, she rested her forehead against Scorpius'. "Have I mentioned lately that I really sort of like you. Please try to remember that in the near future, all right?"

Scorpius grinned, "I kind of maybe like you too."

As he tilted his head forward to kiss her lightly, Rose slid her hand behind his head to hold him closer. She might have let it go further – after all the longer it took them to get off the train, the longer it took until he had to meet her parents. Still, the deterrent of Hugo and Albus making barfing noises from their seats at the personal moment was enough to have them breaking apart – Scorpius glaring daggers at the prats, and Rose sticking her tongue out in a way that belied her seventeen years even as the train ground to a screeching halt.

It was cowardly, but she let Hugo and her cousins off first, following behind with Scorpius as Lily's Slytherin made himself scarce. They were bounding off quickly, all eager to see the family they hadn't seen in months. James was waiting with Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry, having graduated the year before and was currently in healer training. Not that he looked like he wanted to be there; his presence a likely mandate from his parents. When he noticed Rose getting off the train with Scorpius his eyebrows raised – and a grin spread across his face. It was tempting to hex him, as he was obviously taking pleasure in the whole scenario about to unfold.

Her attention though was mostly for her parents.

Ron and Hermione Weasley were all smiles for Hugo as they enveloped him in a hug, though the formers face especially settled into a more neutral expression when he caught sight of his daughter and her significant other. Instinctively, her hand slid into Scorpius' for comfort and reassurance as they walked forwards off the train. Around them families were embracing, though the sounds of shrieks and laughter seemed to fade away for Rose. Scorpius squeezed her hand back lightly, just enough for her to feel it, before she had to slip it away.

"Mum, Dad," she greeted them as warmly as she was able given her nerves – giving them each a quick hug before stepping back awkwardly. "I'd like you to meet my boyfriend – Scorpius Malfoy." She didn't bother omitting the last name because it would have been a pointless endeavor. "These are my parents."

Scorpius was the one to make the first step before them. "Pleased to meet you both," he said, holding out a hand.

In his polite 'company' tone all Rose could see was the shadows of his father in Scorpius. His tone was just like the elder man, and his features were a direct mirror – even if his mouth and eyes were softened by his mother's genetic influence. The smirk he usually wore was just like the one his father sported in the family portrait that Scorpius kept beside his bed, and the robes he wore were a gift from the elder man. All she could see in that moment of panic was Draco Malfoy instead of Scorpius, and she was scared her parents were doing the same.

Her father though surprised her, as he was occasionally able to do – and her parents came through for her once again, as they always had.

"Scorpius," he said politely, holding out his hand and giving the younger man's a firm shake – with her mother doing it after in turn. "We've heard a lot about you." He gave his daughter a pointed look. "Even if it wasn't from Rose."

"We're looking forward to getting to know you properly anyway," Hermione said, smiling gently.

In that moment, Rose couldn't have loved them all more, or felt more pronounced relief. She let herself relax slightly as this time Scorpius slid his hand into hers first, a fact which her parents noticed with pointed looks but didn't comment on.

She should have known it was too soon to relax when Hugo started to snicker. "I can fill in about him, Mum. Did you know that he and Rose were caught snogging behind a statue by…."

Rose cut him off, furious. "Shut it you little prat." She took a step forward, ready to hex him again, but her mum – used to a lifetime of similar incidences - stepped between them and gave them both a quelling glance.

A glance towards Ron showed her dad was counting backwards from one hundred. It was a technique her mum had insisted on when he kept erupting at the wireless during Quidditch matches, or threatening to hex the neighbours when they complained about the family games that always got a little too raucous. No violence or rants allowed until he'd counted backwards. This time like usual, he was able to get himself under control, plastering a smile on his face as the Potters came towards them. "So you're on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team too?" He asked Scorpius, not once bringing up Hugo's words or reaching for his wand.

In that moment Rose let herself really believe that this visit was going to work. That this all could work.

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