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idea_of_sarcasm ([personal profile] idea_of_sarcasm) wrote2008-06-08 10:13 pm

Drabble the Fourth

The first one that's actually a drabble :)

Watching Hermione eat the apple was distracting him from the accounts he was trying to balance. Of course a stiff breeze would have distracted him, considering how much he hated figuring out those pesky monetary details, but the way she was taking pleasure in a bloody piece of fruit had his eyes focused on nothing but that. The soft little sound of pleasure at the taste, the way she licked the juices from her lips, he could think of nothing else.

Of course remembering how young she was, and how if he tried to lick said juices from her lips she'd probably lecture him on decorum, George cursed and shoved his chair back from the table.

"Is there anything wrong George?" Hermione asked, concerned, and he could practically picture the queer expression on his face.

"Not a thing," he lied quickly, leaving his papers and quill behind as he went in search of Fred.

It wasn't just to get away from her and the temptation she represented, it was because at least something good had come out of watching Hermione Granger eating an apple. He had the perfect name for the line of erotic fantasy products they were developing for their adult line of products for Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes.

'Forbidden Fruit' had such a nice ring to it.

Requested by: [ profile] heather11483 Prompt: Apple


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