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Drabble the Fourth

The first one that's actually a drabble :)

Watching Hermione eat the apple was distracting him from the accounts he was trying to balance. Of course a stiff breeze would have distracted him, considering how much he hated figuring out those pesky monetary details, but the way she was taking pleasure in a bloody piece of fruit had his eyes focused on nothing but that. The soft little sound of pleasure at the taste, the way she licked the juices from her lips, he could think of nothing else.

Of course remembering how young she was, and how if he tried to lick said juices from her lips she'd probably lecture him on decorum, George cursed and shoved his chair back from the table.

"Is there anything wrong George?" Hermione asked, concerned, and he could practically picture the queer expression on his face.

"Not a thing," he lied quickly, leaving his papers and quill behind as he went in search of Fred.

It wasn't just to get away from her and the temptation she represented, it was because at least something good had come out of watching Hermione Granger eating an apple. He had the perfect name for the line of erotic fantasy products they were developing for their adult line of products for Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes.

'Forbidden Fruit' had such a nice ring to it.

Requested by: [ profile] heather11483 Prompt: Apple


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Ha ... this amused me on MULTIPLE levels. First, the "queer expression" made me laugh. Second, the notion of "adult" projects, oh yes. Ever since the Daydream thing, I've wondered about that. And last, the apple thing made my brain go to Twilight. Yes, I'm pathetic.
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Hee, not pathetic - just fixated on a certain topic at the moment! I saw a post...(uh, somewhere?), where they were debating the meaning of the apple on the cover, looking for obscure meanings instead of letting the obvious one stand, lol.

And, ah the line of potential 'adult' products. Not canon, but used occasionally in fanfic ;) And I know, the Daydream charm was definitely the one that prodded my thoughts in that direction.

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Ironically, I was going to use that very idea for the Romancing the Wizard challenge story that I (alas) never got off the ground. One had to include a "magical device," and I thought of those charms and maybe a little more "adult" version of them ... and Katie ... and Cedric. Ah well. BUT it was *started*, and I do play (at some point) to finish it, perhaps longer than the original allowed. (GGG)
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Darn real life interference! Though if it means it can go past 750 words (I had seen the link to that challenge), perhaps there is a good side after all :)

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The short word-count was actually a problem, as I had to establish the whole thing ... and I'll admit, your "Room of Requirement" story sorta inspired the idea.

But yeah, I only got about the first 2-3 paragraphs written. I had to pull out because I got socked with unexpected edits to an article I submitted 2 years ago (no joke) that have a deadline of June 24th ... never mind getting ready for the semester (I'm finally ready -- which is GOOD, as it starts tomorrow ...), AND editing my *own* collection. Jeez.
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LOL. Loved it. So appropriate.
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I know, ha :) Glad you liked it.

And *snicker* on your icon. There is so much 'funny' coming from Twilight being made into a movie
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Heh, I blame [ profile] cleolinda for the hilarity. She did write-ups on each of a href="">the books that are both funny and insightful. Love em :D

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The line of adult products definitely had me grinning, good little drabble for something like an apple. :)

*shakes pom poms* :PPPPP
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You really are taking that cheerleader thing seriously aren't you?

And glad you liked it :) And yeah, I fully admit I struggled for a good long while with what to do with an apple.

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Oh... this is good in so many, many ways :)
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Glad you liked :)

And note on your prompt, as it was certainly before #10, it will be written :) I'm just slow as anything sometimes when it comes to writing, and little bit preoccupied with a few RL things

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No probS! i ain't in any sort of rush :)
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oooh, I thought this was great. :D Thank you so much!
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Ask and you shall receive, that's my motto ;) I'm glad it worked for you though!

And I had more problems working an 'apple' in than I should have