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Drabble the first

So I got a whopping total of one of the drabbles prompted so far done - why it's getting the dubious honour of it's own post tonight :) I had attempted a second - but apparently I have problems with inanimate objects, so it gets lumped in with the rest for tomorrow.


"Have you ever...?" Hermione bit her tongue on the question as Blaise looked back at her with a bland expression.

"Have I ever what?" The question was lazy as he slid from the bed, unconcerned with his own nakedness as he reached for his robe.

'Have you ever done this?' was the question she wanted to ask, though she knew the more appropriate question was 'how many times have you done this?' For her a stolen fling in the heat of summer was an aberration, for him she was sure it was the norm. Hermione had known that coming in, but it didn't stop her from wondering how many woman had graced the position she found herself in now, how many had felt the caress of both his hands and his silk sheets. They were somehow like phantoms dancing across her field of vision, apparitions in negligees standing before the bed.

She shook her head on a strangled sigh, "Never mind."

After all this was part of his appeal, wasn't it? No commitment or strings attached, comfortable in sensual seduction, all of it appealing when she'd had enough of complicated relationships to last her a lifetime. This was why she'd arched a little bit closer when his hand had found the small of her back during a dance at the Ministry ball. That in combination with the fact it was him, the bloke she couldn't quite ever get out of her mind. A man that was quiet but yet always there, taunting her with his very presence.

Able to seduce with a glance.

Hermione watched as he looked at her assessingly for a moment, face inscrutable in meaning, before sliding into the bed beside her – hand running over her leg to the curve of her hip and digging his fingers with the slightest pressure into the flesh there.

"Does it matter?" Blaise asked, trailing a finger down then along the crease at the top of her thigh, and she knew the question was a test more than it was a reassurance.

Hermione gasped when his finger stopped just short of it's intended target. "No," she lied quickly, her arms already reaching for him.

In reality it did.

But at least she was the only one there right then.

Requestor: [ profile] inell. Prompt: Fishing


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